twa style | bantu knots w/ wash n go sides

hi y’all!

so i made it my goal this time around to experiment more with my hair and enjoy it at every length. with that said, i’ve been playing around with the idea of doing hairstyles that i never thought i would do and heres one of them: bantu knots with wash n go sides. yep, ive pretty much meshed two hairstyles in one and here’s how i did it.

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how i shortened the max hydration method to 40 mins+my mhm progress


photo credit :danni of

hi y’all!

i hope that you guys had a great first day of summer! so as some of you all may know, i’ve been doing the max hydration method since i started my big chop progress on may 18th. (i fully cut out all of my texturized ends on june 1st). if you are not familiar with the what the max hydration method is here is a summary written by pinkecube, the creator of the method: Read More

wash day | my twa routine



hey guys!

so today and 30 days before today has been wash day for me.

you all: “everyday? are you kidding me? you have been washing your daily?”

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