site revamp+ fourth big chop + minimalist transitioning


hi guys!

i’m back and better.

so lets begin with why i took my five months to write another post. as most of you guys may know, i was a busy bee. between studying hard to finish my last semester and trying to find my “signature” me, i had a difficult time keeping up with shrinkxkinks. yea i know, i could’ve came on her with a bs post here and there but giving only a little bit of my time here and there was not acceptable for me or my followers. so i chose to wait until i was ready to dedicate myself to shrinkxkinks and i finally am.

fourth big chop

so about this fourth big chop? yep, it happened. again. why? well there are a few reasons.

1.) i texturized my hair again. AGAIN. i thought that after my third big chop that i was at full acceptance of who i was , but i wasn’t. during the time that my hair was texturized, i began my road to acceptance. a year in, i decided to finally big chop because i fully accepted me for me. my fourth big chop was on june 1st, 2016. i believe that this will be my final big chop.

site revamp

as yall can see, i’ve also updated my site design. i felt that the old design felt closed in and didn’t reflect the refreshing outlook that i have on life now. i hope that this design will be just as inviting to you all as it is to me.

minimalist transitioning

amongst accepting myself, i am also transitioning to a minimalist lifestyle. ive been on this journey for a few months and have seen amazing benefits to being a minimalist. i will share with you all my process throughout my postings.


all in all, i hope that you all are ready to go on this journey with me!





5 thoughts on “site revamp+ fourth big chop + minimalist transitioning

      1. isleofazure

        Hahaha, of course, well raised by our Mamas we are 😀 😀 😀 hahaha, very happy and hope you continue to stay tuned, some exciting ones coming in the next few months 😀 😀 😀


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