wash day | my twa routine



hey guys!

so today and 30 days before today has been wash day for me.

you all: “everyday? are you kidding me? you have been washing your daily?”

me: yep, pretty much.


ive been washing my hair everyday for the past 30 days for these two reasons:

  1. im currently on a mission to reach maximum hydration. yep, im doing the maximum hydration, which was refined and shared by pinkecube. i have been doing a condensed version of the method, which i will elaborate on in a future post, ever since may 18th. this wash day was my 31st cycle that i have completed. i plan on completing 60 full rotations of this method, so what better time to do this than in the summer time with a short twa.
  2. the second reason is because as i mentioned before, i have a short twa and its FREAKIN HOT THIS SUMMER. for the most part, this dc weather isn’t joking around and i want to take full advantage of me easily being able to wet my hair everyday without massive tangles or aching arms 🙂

so with that said lets get on with the wash day!

the products:


  • cleanser: diluted trader joes tea tree tingle+kinky curly knot today mixed with baking soda
  • clay mix: sodium bentonite clay w/ agave syrup
  • leave in+sealer: diluted kinky curly knot today sealed with my diy flaxseed gel

the process

the first thing i did was heat up my co-wash cleanser for 10 seconds, then i applied the mix to my hair , put on a plastic cap, then let it sit for 10 minutes. after i rinsed out my cleanser, i applied the clay mix and then let that sit on my hair 15 minutes. after i rinsed the clay mix out, i apply my moisturizer and then i seal it all in with my flaxseed gel. to add a bit of shine, i wait to my hair dry a bit then i will add a drop of avocado oil.

the style




for now, im styling my twa in a wash n go state. i may coil some fuzzy areas, but other than that i just leave my hair be. and i also feel that since i am doing this 60 day maximum hydration challenge, that its no point for me to style my hair just to wash it out the next day. so right now, im just staying easy breezy baby, easy breeeezzzzyyyyy.

and thats pretty much my wash day. from start to finish, it takes around 45 minutes. this is including styling my wash and go.

how is your wash day going?



4 thoughts on “wash day | my twa routine

    1. shrinkxkinks

      thanks naturally kinky me! yes, i can understand that in-between stage. being a 4 time big chopper, i can personally say that detangling gets a bit difficult. do you finger detangle? for me, finger detangling made detangling sessions alot easier than using a comb.


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