how i shortened the max hydration method to 40 mins+my mhm progress


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hi y’all!

i hope that you guys had a great first day of summer! so as some of you all may know, i’ve been doing the max hydration method since i started my big chop progress on may 18th. (i fully cut out all of my texturized ends on june 1st). if you are not familiar with the what the max hydration method is here is a summary written by pinkecube, the creator of the method:

Is a 5 step regimen that systematically increases moisture levels in the hair until Max Hydration is reached. This is the same concept as the Curly girl method, however it is the most ideal regimen for low porosity hair, type 4 hair, and 4c hair as these hair types have the most difficulty absorbing moisture, and curly girl techniques alone do not account for the hair types need for clarifcation and use of cuticle opening techniques like heat(and acv) or bakingsoda. This regimen does work for all hair types. If you don’t fall into the category of either low porosity or type 4 hair, you probably can be a bit more lenient on the products that you can use, and make modifications as you feel your hair needs.  Try to use your own intuition when it comes to your hair as well. For example, some people might need more protein, etc.

Once Max Hydration is reached, many of the issues that effect type 4 hair in terms of moisture, styling, knots, and length retention don’t occur. Lastly, Max hydration allows even the moist tightly coiled 4c hair to curl from root to tip with no product.

the method is pretty simple: you use a baking soda or acv cowash to clarify. afterwards, you deep condition with an approved conditioner. then you do a clay wash. then after the clay wash, you moisturize and seal with a botanical gel. (you can find the approved product list here.)

the only qualm is the length of time that it takes to complete the regimen. for most the lowest time has been 2.5 hours per cycle. with my goal of completing a cycle a day, i wanted to find a way to complete the full mhm in less time. it was just my luck that i happened to find a way to shorten the regimen down to 40 mins and i did it in two ways:

1.) i ditched the deep conditioning

i removed the deep conditioning step after the bs cowash. since i was using the same conditioner for both steps, i did not find the need to deep condition. also, since i knew that sleeping with baking soda in my hair would not be a good idea, i use the heated conditioner option for the cowash (basically i microwaved the baking soda co-wash mixture for 10-15 secs, apply and cover with a shower cap, then i leave on for 10 minutes.) by combining both  steps into one i was able to shave off 40 mins- 8 hours of time.

2.) i premixed everything ahead of time

another thing that adds on a lot of time is the mixing sessions. most of the mhm regimen channels the mixologist in you and requires for you to mix up many a clay mixes and conditioners. this can take a few minutes of your time as well. so what i do is make enough for 10 cycles. that way, i can just go straight to applying the products without having to stop and be ms. mix-a-lot.

i hope that these regimen shortening tips can help you save some time with the max hydration method!

so with this said, lets get to the update!

the first picture is of the first day that i completed an mhm cycle. i still had about an inch- 2 inches of texturized ends.the second is of my hair after i cut off all of the texturized ends FINALLY! this is the day that i considered to be my official big chop day, which was june 1st. the third picture is of my 31st cycle which was completed on june 19th.


the results that i have seen from doing the mhm has been phenomenal. my hair holds moisture better, my wash and gos have been superb, and i’ve been retaining some good length. i have not yet reached max hydration (i’m about 70% there), but i think i’m going to reach it soon. hopefully after these 60 cycles ill be there.

ill update you guys frequently on the progress 🙂





4 thoughts on “how i shortened the max hydration method to 40 mins+my mhm progress

    1. shrinkxkinks

      Currently, I am on a personal 60 day mhm challenge, where I am doing it daily for 6 days. However, this is not required. The usual process only requires for you to complete the process for 7 days in a row, and then afterwards you do the full regimen every 1-3 days. Please check out the website here: for more in depth information about the method.

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