max hydration update+ step by step wash routine

define and go after finishing mhm


sup y’all!

for those of you who are going through a real heat struggle in y’all city (such as mines) , i hope that cold water and air conditioning has been good to ya!

as you all know, i have been using the max hydration as my hair regimen of choice, and so far everything has been going well. but i have something to tell y’all and you guys would probably react just like i did when i discovered it.

so, remember those 60 cycles of mhm that i did to try to reach max hydration? well, it was almost all for nothing and it was because of two¬†little mistakes: i used well under 1 tbsp of baking soda in my conditioner mix (having at least one tbsp of baking soda can ensure opening of cuticles) and my flaxseed gel wasn’t creating a good sealing barrier (so i switched to kinky curly curling custard) . this caused for results to be non-existent, but once i figured out the problem i started to get great results.

so with that said i’m gonna show you guys my process and how my hair turns out in each step.

  • the first thing that i do is apply a mixture of traders joe tea tree tingle conditioner w/baking that i heat up for 10 seconds. once i apply the conditioner, i cover with a plastic cap and i leave it on for 15 mins. here is my hair after i rinsed out the conditioner:

  • after i rinse out the conditioner i then apply my bentonite+rhassoul clay rinse (recipe post coming soon!) and i leave that on for 15 mins.

  • here’s how my hair looks after i rinsed out the clay mix (below). coils are poppin y’all!

while my hair is soaking wet, i then apply the dream team, kinky curly knot today and curling custard( y’all this combo is absolutely heavenly!). here is my hair still wet after applying the combo.


  • i decided that i wanted to define my hair a little more, so i twirled a few of my frizzy sections to make it a define and go. i loved how it turned out once my hair fully dried:

conclusion: so all in all, my hair has yet to reach max hydration, but it is a lot more hydrated than it ever has been. i have no breakage, maybe one tangle here and there, and my hair is really soft. max hydrated hair is hair that has definition from root to tip without product, and my hair is far from that but it is closer than what it would have been before i started the max hydration method. so, hopefully i will reach max hydration by the end of the year? who knows.

how do you guys keep your hair hydrated?


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