best low carb “yogurt”? elli quark review

*this post is not sponsored in any way and all products was purchased with my own funds.

so as you all may not know, i am a low-carb eater. more specifically, i am a keto-er (most of the time, unless i have a taste for rice or whole wheat pizza). so first of all, what is a keto-er? well a keto-er is someone who eats absolutely no sugar or very minimum amounts (10g max), no wheat, no starchy vegetables of any kind, and consumes under 20g of net carbs a day. i’m not going to go into too much detail in this post (i’m going to make a keto series soon), but i am going to dive into this “yogurt”.

being a yogurt lover and keto-er at the same time can be tough. seeing that most yogurt has a high amount of sugar and carbs and these are no-nos in the keto world. most of the time , i just totally bypass the yogurt section because i want to spare myself the heartache. but this time i didn’t and i’m glad i did not because if i had , i wouldn’t have stumbled upon elli quark.

now what is “quark”? quark is a German-style cheese that tastes a lot like yogurt, but it is not yogurt. its a cheese. yep, a very mild tasting and very interesting cheese.

elli quark comes in 12 flavors, my store only carried mint chocolate, strawberry, blueberry, and sea salt caramel. i wanted to be fancy and feel a bit artisanal so i went with sea salt caramel.

description : the quark is very creamy and smooth. it is thick but not as thick as greek yogurt and it does not have a sour taste to it (i’m actually a fan of the sour taste of yogurt, but i know many are not). also all of the flavors have no added sugars, 6g net carbs (the lowest that ive seen in a flavored yogurt), and uses natural flavors and ingredients.

my opinion: quark satisfied my yogurt cravings and only took a small chunk out of my 20 carb limit. the sea salt caramel had a very mild taste and i would’ve liked to taste the caramel a bit more, but its understandable that it might’ve added more sugar and carbs and artificial sweetener, so i couldn’t complain.

would i buy again? yes, i will. i will probably pick up the berry flavors next time and give them a go. im also thinking about adding some sugar free dark chocolate in the mix just because (mmmmm!!). so if you are on a low carb diet and want a flavored yogurt fix, i would say go for elli quark.





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