my 2-product all natural minimalist hair regimen + 4b/c wash n go (no coiling!)

second day wash n go


hi guys!

its been a while huh? it seems no matter how much you think you have things together, you really do not, and life slaps you in the face with this reality everyday haha. but one thing that i can finally say that i got together is my hair regimen. my current hair regimen is simple, all-natural, minimalistic, short and i get better results with my hair styles that i have gotten in a while. wanna know more? keep on reading below!


the regimen

so my regimen now consists of these two products :

  • clay wash (1 part rhassoul clay, 2 parts bentonite clay, and 1/2 tbsp baking soda. add water to this mix to create a “melted ice cream” consistency)
  • kinky curly curling custard¬†(currently working on a cheap diy dupe that i will be sharing soon)

see that second day wash n go above? well i only used these two products listed above and it only too 27 minutes from start to finish.


the first thing i do is go and rinse out any leftover product residue from my last wash day (4-7 days prior) with warm water. i do this to allow for my low porosity hair to absorb as much water as it can to stay moisturized after my clay wash. i do this for about 5 minutes, while also finger detangling.

time: 5 minutes

i then proceed to apply my clay wash. i apply this to my hair in small 1 inch sections and i finger comb each section. this takes about 10 minutes.

time: 10 minutes

i then proceed to rinse out the clay wash. I DO NOT TOWEL DRY MY HAIR. (if there is a lot of water, i will shake my hair , but this doesn’t work as well for me because my hair is still pretty short lol)

time: 3 minutes

while my hair is soaking wet, i take a good amount of kccc and apply to one inch sections. i start from ends to roots to make sure that i am sealing in my ends which is SUPER VITAL, at least to me. this takes about 10 minutes to complete. and that’s about it!

time: 10 minutes

total time: 28 minutes (my hair is shaved on the sides and back , so i don’t have much hair to work with, but even with a full head of hair this regimen should not take any longer than 45 minutes to complete)

first day wash n go
first day wash n go


here is a picture form the first day. my hair was completely dry in this pic. i wanted to stress that because a lot of times, a wash n go can look completely different when it is wet compare to when its dry. (i took this pic with my iphone, so excuse the quality ). i did absolutely no coiling or twirling of any kind. i just apply the gel section by section and that is it. i have absolutely no tangling, breakage, or single strand knots. my hair also stay moisturized for at least 5-7 days without re-moisturizing. if i need to reactivate the gel, i would spray water and my hair will come back to life!

when i say i was pleased, I WAS PLEASED! this was my best wash n go to date. but then the upsetness (this is a word in my book, dont judge me haha) settled in about how much money i spent and how many products i bought over the span of my journey grrrrr. but hey it got me to where i am today.

i know many may not agree with baking soda, but i have been using baking soda for a while now and i have never had any issues from using it. my hair prefers akaline products, acidic products are detrimental for my hair (unless i use it as a final product so as kccc) so i goes with what is best.


here are some more pics of the results ((eeeekkkk!!!))

thats it guys! let me know what you think and if you try the regimen, send me your results at and ill repost!






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